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Welcome to The Parka Jacket Warehouse, your virtual A-Z for parka jackets from Canada Goose, Patagonia, Woolrich, North Face, Columbia Bugaboo, Fishtail and more... Absolutely nothing keeps winter out better than a down filled waterproof parka. If you live in a cold climate and you want to stay warm and dry - and you don't want to wear a snowmobile suit - a parka jacket is the answer. Our collection of arctic parka jackets is the best on the internet, but if you can't find it here, email us and ask. Read our reviews and get all the product information you will need to make a decision and order yours now!

Top 3 Womens Parka Jackets

If there's one thing we hear from women consistently, it's this: "I don't want to look like a big overstuffed sofa walking down the street!" or something similar. So, our top three womens parka jackets all share one thing in common... the fit is amazing. Keeping your shape is important and most womens don't like too much bulk in a coat or jacket, so the issue is even more present when it's a parka. Traditionally parka's were built for survival in the north by native peoples like the Inuit, not for window shopping Sak's 5th Avenue on a brisk New York afternoon in January

The big companies that make parka's like North Face, Patagonia, Canada Goose and others are well are that a womens parka jacket needs to be slim fitting and not overstuffed. Maintainig a silhouette is a big deal and it's hard to feel sexy and confident when you feel like you're wearing a sleeping bag. Plus, the detailing on a womens parka needs to be a little more delicate than the mens parka's, and the pockets and little details need to have that feminine appeal. Well, we have three parka's jackets for women here that will be sure to please.

O.K. - enough talk - let's review our top three women's parkas:

cabada goose expedition parka  


5 star rating

"It's not normal to put on a winter jacket and feel sexy, but somehow I do every time I put on my Canada Goose. It totally follows my silhouette so I have some shape and don't look like a big overstuffed bag of feathers. Plus - it's about the warmest jacket I have ever owned. I love the white on a snowy winter day, I feel like an ice princess!"


north face parka  


5 star rating

"I just love this jacket. Patagonia is always high quality stuff, which is why I felt confident in this purchase to begin with, and now I am about to start my second winter. One thing you should know is that it's not water proof, so, not great in the rain. Aside from that, it has a great fit and it's very very warm."

columbia whirlibird parka  


4 star rating

"I got mine for skiing because my butt always freezes on the chair lift. Even though it's long, I can still move as much as I need to and now my buns have an extra layer when I'm going back up the hill. After taking it skiing the first time, I started wearing it everywhere. It's soooo warm and comfortable... not waterproof though, only water resistant... you'll need a rain jacket for those days."

So that's it, we hope you saw something you like in our top 3. Prices range from $300-$600 roughly and each style is available in multiple colors. For all you pink lovers out there, Canada Goose even makes a pink parka. Keep in mind that our 2nd and 3rd place womens parkas are not waterproof - only water resistent.